Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday morning wrap-up.

I'm just going to do one of those lazy list-posts because, well, I'm lazy and I feel like there's a lot of stuff to mention. (I love how I feel there are things I "have" to mention, as if someone out there is relying on me to fill them in on what I did this weekend. Well, whoever you are, this one is for you.)

1. On Friday night, Julia, Renee, and I went to the Pilsen East's Artist's Open House. Julia's boyfriend Eric had a friend from the MAPH program who was co-curating a gallery, so we went down there with her boyfriend and walked around, looking at art. Also, I got tipsy from drinking three cups of wine on an empty stomach, but it was fun. And I bought four posters from these people after I couldn’t buy the huge painting of owls flying into a gun (it was thirteen hundred dollars and I had forgotten my checkbook).

2. Critical Mass also took place on Friday. I didn't really have an opinion about it until I was stuck on the Halsted bus for fifteen minutes watching a few hundred bikers ride by. It'd be easier to take Critical Mass with a grain of salt if they were organized to raise money for a cause - like a real marathon. I don't think "Riding Bikes is Fun" is important enough.

3. I watched The Proposition, which was good, Don’t Come Knocking, which was very good, and Brick, which I didn’t like. Brick would have been wonderful if only it had not taken place at a high school. I tried very hard to accept that, but I just couldn’t. Also, I couldn’t take watching the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun being serious or the kid from Witness being menacing.

4. I talked to my mom on Sunday, who was about to go see Cats at a dinner theater in Fredericksburg. When I told her that sounded like a miserable way to spend a Sunday, she said, “Well, they’ve got real actors in it. It’s, like, a step up from regular dinner theater.” But probably five steps down from a national tour.

5. A “Spirit of Halloween” store opened on Diversey, so now I’m getting stressed-out about Halloween, which is exactly what I need. What should I be: Pimp or Pimpin’ Priest? Christina had talked about going together as Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. How much would it take to convince her that these costumes are The Shit?

6. My Southern fiction class is still dreadful. My favorite quote from last week’s class: “Property supersedes humanity. That’s the Southern way.” Sigh.

7. And finally, this week in MySpace friend requests:

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wanderer said...

I'm friends with Julia & Eric, and the Julianna who was the co-curator.

I've taken part in Critical Mass before. From what I could tell, it's not merely "riding bikes for fun," but a creative protest for the benefits of riding bicycles rather than cars through the use of a little civil disobedience. I admit, that might be an optimistic interpretation. But counting it as a marathon or 'just riding for fun' is not giving it due credit.

I'll probably run into you sooner or later, if I haven't already. So, take care.