Monday, October 01, 2007

Facebook me.

I kind of love Facebook more than MySpace these days, and yes, I will tell you why, thank you.

It's rather refreshing to log-on to someone's Facebook page and not have my screen freeze from too much HTML. Honestly, that's the main reason. Thank you for that, Matt Zuckerberg. Also, thank you for not being my pity-friend. (Fuck off, Tom.)

Also, Facebook makes it really easy to stalk to the people I already know, and keeps stalking semi-strangers challenging.

Anyway, because I'm bored, and the only channel I get right now is WGN and Two and a Half Men is on and I'm too lazy to get up from the couch to find a movie to watch, I've decided to do a little experiment, which will hopefully keep me entertained at work for at least a day.

If you'd please, and you know, are also on Facebook and not already my friend, add me! (It's like a whole new way to find out who's reading my blog!) Also, you can join my awesome Facebook group, Tevye is The Shit! I created it a few months ago and it only has thirteen members, and I KNOW that there are more than thirteen people out there who agree that Tevye is, indeed, The Shit.

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Brittany said...

I completely, 100% agree with you on the Facebook vs. MySpace thing. I'm not sure why I keep mine since most people I know have either left it or forgotten about their page.