Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Holy scary interview, Batman!

I have a big interview this afternoon about which I'm slightly terrified. My recruiter called me yesterday to prep me for it and said that it may be on "the longer side": two hours. Apparently financial firms don't eff around.

She also told me to get "suited up," which made me think of this, but probably because I don't own a suit. But I do have a sharp tie! That'll work, right?


each of the two said...

you have a suit, its just for leisure is all.

5 of 9er said...

I went on a three hour interview once... it was a little too much. I'd rather go in for an hour and then see if they call me back.
Good luck!

Todd said...

I tend to agree with 50of9er, anything over an hour makes me suspicious. Oh and the suit? It's a beautiful day, & if they don't like your snazzy tie then you're too good for them.