Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shocking revelations.

Sometimes my mom and I email each other while we're at work, none of which are very informative or worth sharing unless she tells me something specifically kooky. I thought that we had reached that point this morning when she told me that she also had that Klute haircut in college, but it went to a whole other level this afternoon. I'm including screen caps to show you I didn't make this up, and I apologize for what you're about to read.

Excuse me, but not until college? I assume that means she didn't choose to blow her nose until college, but still, that kind of baffles me. And I guarantee that she told me that if I didn't blow my nose I'd get ear and throat infections, as no one else would give me such health advice. Either that, or she was just trying to frighten me into blowing my nose so my sniffling wouldn't annoy her.

To say that I'm living a lie cannot begin to aptly describe this Earth-crashing information.


Anonymous said...

Blowing your nose more gently might solve the problem. My mom (a nurse, which is why I was hypochondriac for all of my childhood) tells me if you blow too hard, you can rupture vessels in your nose.

Did you know if you sneeze too hard you can break a rib, but if you hold it in you can rupture a neck artery?


Anonymous said...

To tell you the truth, I still don't blow my nose with a kleenex. I go to the bathroom and blow my nose with running water from the sink. I'm weird, I know.

Ben said...

i didn't blow my nose until college, also. either it's not that weird, or me and your mom are made for each other. pick one.

Anonymous said...

i was told if i blew my nose i would go to hell where satan would blow my nose for me.