Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heads will roll.

When I logged into out system this morning, I was informed that I "owe" the school $1,753 for my class. Obviously I don't because I'm an employee and get free tuition, but this is just another example of how poorly run things are around here. I have to go make phone calls now to figure out who can fix this.

I've also started getting emails from students asking me about holds on their accounts. Terrific.

Meanwhile, this afternoon I have the first of two interviews this week at Northwestern. At least I get to have two half-days. I just hope I get at least one of those jobs.


Todd said...

You will get one of those jobs. I just know it.

Katie said...

Hey..just FYI, my tuition was supposedly waived (I chatted with HR today) but it's not showing up on my bill at all. I say wait it out. If you don't have a hold yet, they don't ever realize you haven't paid.

Brittany said...

That seems about right for DePaul. I've had similar things happen to me unfortunately.