Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"I only have one mouth to feed and I think I should be compensated for such a burden."

Today I had a six-hour long orientation session to go over benefits and why sexual harassment is bad. It was, to say the least, not very stimulating. But I was rewarded with at least one outspoken idiot who complained that, as a faculty member, sixty-percent of his salary comes from grants, he can't receive retirement benefits for a year (like EVERYONE ELSE) even though he was a post-doctorate fellow at a previous university, and he can't get extra benefits because he "chose" not to have children, which is, I think we all agree, totally effed-up since employees with children get a discount on their college tuition.

Seriously. The man asked if those who chose not to have children received some sort of prize to compensate for their non-existent offspring who can't get tuition benefits. "Does that seem fair?" he asked the benefits counselor.

I bet he's a Libertarian.


MonoCerdo said...

I had a similar idiot at my Northwestern employee orientation, except this one was a breeder who was VERY UPSET!!! that the tuition benefits had gone down over the years because he really just took this job to get his kid free tuition at Northwestern and now it's like a 12% benefit and that is not fair because they OWE him and he might not even want to work here anymore so TAKE THAT HR ORIENTATION LADY.

Probably also a libertarian.

John said...

Why not? He's just upset that people with kids are given more because they are taking more.

I guess it's like me asking for compensation for not being sick and more productive than the sick people I work with. My co-workers with kids do take more days off, it's a fact. I wouldn't mind a little something extra for being dependable.