Friday, January 04, 2008

Quote of the Day

I was talking to a friend of mine about Brick, and why we did not like it.

[Redacted]: did you see brick?
Me: yes. i did not like it.
[Redacted]: i wasn't that crazy about it either.
[Redacted]: i mean, i was definitely entertained
[Redacted] and i don't think i quite got the film noir thing, because i haven't seen that many
Me: i feel like film noir is best in black and white, honestly. [For Adam, who will complain in the comments: I said this knowing full-well that both Chinatown and L. A. Confidential are amazing.]
[Redacted]: i wondered why they didn't do that!
Me: and i remember thinking, "when i was a teen i wanted there to be more movies like these with people my age. now i know why they didn't make them: because it's ridiculous."
[Redacted]: yeah, [Redacted] was talking about how he liked it a couple years ago because it felt very much like high school with all the heightened drama.
[Redacted]: but now it falls flat for me.
[Redacted] i mean, i'm eight years out of high school. and i had trouble relating to high school movies WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL because they don't make high school movies about girls who like fey scottish bands and meet men on the internet.
[Redacted]: fuck hollywood.


each of the two said...


hey, when are we going to get more of Katy?

Tyler said...

Katy is eight months pregnant and not working, so she's never on GChat! I'll let her know, however, that she's been missed, which may persuade her to get online more often.

Ugly Yeti said...

you all are STUPID. Brick is awesome. I hate you

each of the two said...

stupid girls, getting knocked up and then thinking they have more important things to do than entertain us.