Monday, January 21, 2008

In Virginia, most everyone has the day off because we feel guilty about all of that racism.

I'm one of the few who are not honoring Dr. King's legacy today because I had to come to work. And it was a miserable morning to do so, as it's really effing cold in Chicago. (I usually try to avoid cliche blog posts about the weather and public transportation, but I'm about to break those rules right now:) The only good thing about working on a holiday is that you're guaranteed a seat on the morning train during rush hour, but even that small victory is still depressing when you remember that you're bundled up on the train at eight in the morning while the majority of Chicagoans get to think about MLK in bed.

Today also means that no one will be reading my blog, save for the few hundred people who have been DAILY finding it by searching for images of The Hills on Google. I'll be glad when that fad is over.


Jamie said...

Dude, I'm at work, too. But on the upside, it was easy to get a cab this morning.

each of the two said...

i'm reading

i'm at work

aparently, i suck too

Brit said...

I'm right there with ya. Although I didn't have one class, my "Philosophy and the Question of Race". My teacher canceled it, I suppose, for obvious reasons.