Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I've already learned some lessons in 2008.

If there is one thing I have learned from my last break-up - and from reading Julia Allison's blog - it's that you really shouldn't post things about ending your relationship on the Internet, at least not in such detail. Of course, with the case of Ms. Allison and myself (at least in the context of that whole mess last year), the relationships ended very badly and somewhat warranted subtle Internet defamation. (At least I don't have an ex's blog to link to like Julia does!)

With that in mind, I'm not going to go into detail about the events of last night, only that I'm no longer in a relationship, and I'm feeling kind of miserable today, as I spent about two hours last night crying while trying to express how I felt about things. It was ultimately my decision, and the worst part about it is that I hate hurting someone's feelings or letting them down. I've never had to do it before, and I could have probably done it better.

Afterward, I came home and cried some more at Christina, who tried to cheer me up by making me a Hot Pocket (she's really good with the microwave, you guys). Then I drank some red wine and watched Primal Fear. Somewhere in the middle of the third glass, I think, I decided to heat up some naan. Unfortunately, I only remembered the part about pre-heating the oven. About three hours later, at one in the morning, I woke up to Christina banging on my door, raving about how the apartment smelled like gas and she needed to open my bedroom windows so I didn't die in my sleep. I thought it was a dream until I woke up this morning and every single window in our apartment was wide open. It was rather chilly.

So there you have it: another all-time high in my life, wherein I narrowly escaped a murder-suicide while in a post-breakup drunken stupor. I'm a classy gent.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

So what kind of Hot Pocket was it?

Tyler said...

Pepperoni pizza. The only kind I eat.

Laurie said...

Ham & cheese is better.

I miss you, Ty-ty. I just realized last night that I had not read your blog since I moved to Georgia, so I spent a large chunk of my evening catching up with your life. and all kinds of stuff happened while I wasn't paying attention. i'm a bad friend!

Anyway, i'm sorry about the break-up, and about Tex. and i agree with your opinion of Under the Blacklight. and i still love your mom. come visit me so i can push you down the stairs and then put my vagina on you again. it's been over two years. that's weird.

MonoCerdo said...

Well, you must be feeling better by now, what with Laurie's offer of violence and genital contact. I'm really sorry about the break-up and I hope you don't have a red wine hangover today. I hate those.

Tyler said...


I don't remember you putting your vagina on me. Perhaps I blacked out. Or maybe I've buried it away in a dark cavern in my head where it shall never be revisited.

Luvz ya!

Laurie said...

oh sure you remember. in our hallway in the chicago coach house...we fell down the stairs, and i sat on you, and then you told me that my vagina was gross and to remove it immediately, and i stood up for my vagina with an "oh, yeah? how would YOU know its gross?" and then you said that Trent told you so. THEN we blacked out.

oh, memories. we have such a tender relationship.

Tyler said...

Oh, yeah.

Katy said...

I am sorry and I hope holding a little baby tonight will make you feel better. Because then you can say, at least I am neurologically mature, unlike this kid.

thisdayandage said...

I'm sorry...sounds like the night was shitty, but look on the bright side: 1) you got a delicious pepperoni pizza hot pocket, and 2) you didn't die. that's always a plus.

...love the blog!