Monday, January 21, 2008


I decided over the weekend that it's time to announce the group of people that I officially hate: Libertarians.

Now, like Republicans, I hate them in the sense that they are a nameless, faceless mass of people who make terrible decisions and have shitty ideas about how the world should work. I'm sure a few of them are very nice people, and that I could get along with them as friends despite their political stance. But I have a problem with people who, at their basest root, are rich, white, men who are just Republicans who want easier access to their drugs.

I sort of understand the appeal - even I was an Ayn Rand fan for about a month! But I don't support Libertarianism for the following reasons:

1. Even rich assholes should have to put something back into society, because if their sense of entitlement somehow persuades other people to believe that we shouldn't have to pay taxes for public schools, parks, and health care and welfare, then the only people who can possibly move forward would be the rich, white assholes who already benefit from this country's class system.

2. I don't do drugs, and have never really thought drugs to be cool enough to be legal. It's stupid to think that if marijuana, for example, were legalized, then the government wouldn't be "in control" of how we damage our bodies, as the government would still have to figure out who would be allowed to grow it, package it, market it, sell it, and purchase it. Also, I watch The Wire and realize that hardcore drugs are pretty bad.

3. I'm believe that we do need the government telling us what we're allowed to do to ourselves, because, generally, people are really stupid and frequently need someone to hold their hands as they make their daily decisions. I mean, for example, look at people who decide they're Libertarians!

These are a few reasons, other than his racism and homophobia, why I hate Ron Paul and the people who support him.


Brit said...

Thank you.

Finally, someone else who understands how yuck Libertarians are.

lkbom said...

I know some poor Libertarians.

David Dust said...

Are Libertarians like Lesbiterians?