Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things that happened this afternoon.

4:25pm: I learn that there is a film adaptation - currently at Sundance - of Michael Chabon's enjoyable, if rather silly and farfetched, coming-of-age novel The Mysteries of Pittsburgh! I'm excited; I just read that a few months ago and it was quite good! (And made me think about moving to Pittsburgh for about two weeks.)

4:26pm: Oh. Sienna Miller is in it. I'm less excited.

4:27pm: Wait. The character of Arthur Lecomte, one of the MAJOR three characters, is not in the film? Does it have something to do with the homosexual affair he has with the protagonist, Art Bechstein? (Oh, spoiler alert, by the way.) I am no longer excited.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

I'm a bit freaked out that they're going to fucking ruin that book, which has been in my Top 5 for about 10 years.

Todd said...

I found out about the film a few months ago. Then I discovered that the screenplay vastly fcudked up the characters from the novel. No longer excited either.

bex said...

i saw the movie at sundance and give it a big fat "meh"

i am looking into reading the book and expecting it to make me dislike the movie even more.