Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not rubies, or sapphires, or pearls, or opals. Diamonds, y'all.

I try not to blog from work anymore but I'm so stress right now that I need a ten-minute break to not think about anything that actually matters. So here are some things for us all to think about.
Would you take nutrition advice from that woman? Me, neither.

Unrelated, but still quite nice: I did an interview with my faves, Julie Klausner and Jackie Clarke, and it's on This Recording.
Also, be sure to download the Natalie Cole cover of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," which is not your "Unforgettable" era Natalie. It's the coke-fueled version that truly compliments the Beatles' original LSD vision. (Says Julie: "My fave part is when Natalie goes, 'What are you doin' up there, Lucy?' Because she has no idea.") The fun back-story behind my love for it: John put it on a mix CD for me recently, saying that he used to work with a tranny who would perform (read: lip-sync) to it. That tranny then started stealing money from their employer and tried to frame John. Cute!

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lkbom said...

Oh, Kenneth. I can never listen to that song on my iTunes without thinking of her scratching at a 5'o clock shadow with the most poorly manicured hands E-V-E-R...

And what is the point of work if not to blog??