Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lessons I learned from living in rural Virginia

Mike Huckabee confuses me. I once saw him on Letterman and, because I was probably drunk, I was like, "Oh, wow. He's a likable guy. I mean, he's a Republican, but he seems like some guy I know - very down to earth!"

This means, of course, that he seems like someone I know from back home. You know, the types of people my parents are friends with who are certainly wonderful people despite the fact that they are Republicans and affix American flag decals on their cars right next to whichever NASCAR driver they support.

But as I read more and more about Huckabee and how he's downright batshit crazy, especially in regard to what he wants to do to the Constitution (in other words, change it to represent God's laws), I realize that, yes, he's just like those people I know from back home, and no matter how nice they are, they certainly shouldn't be allowed to run the country.


David said...

Next time you see him speak on the tee-vee, think 'Kevin Spacey with a hairpiece.' It's uncanny.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

What's with that photo of him? He looks like he should be living in a bell tower.