Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dear Blog:

On Monday's night's weekly trip to Big Chicks for dollar burgs, Adam, Jackie, Mindy (no blog) (UPDATE: OMG, SORRY, SHE DOES HAVE A BLOG), and I decided to start a group blog called "Dear Blog." Also, we took a lot of shots.

On Tuesday, I was very, very tired at work, and had forgotten about most of what happened during the previous night. (Except that some guy stopped at our table, patted me on the back, and said, "You're really cute!" And then he walked away. He hasn't even had the decency to write a Missed Connection about me since.) And then I got this email:

I laughed out loud really hard for a good ten seconds. And then I thought, "Wait a minute, why was this so funny?"

Unfortunately, the other three can't remember, either. But that doesn't mean we're not going to make it happen anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Are you there, Blog? It's me, Margaret.