Thursday, March 27, 2008

Forbidden Love

Last night I met up with Chris and Maura. I had never met Maura before, but we've been reading each others' blogs for about a year and I was excited to see her during her trip to Chicago. We had "martinis" (mine was gin, ginger ale, and lime juice in a martini glass - on special!) and talked about stories we already knew because we BLOG. But she did tell me this amazing story that blew my mind. And Megan's, as you shall now see, because I'm obsessed with screen caps and iChat:


each of the two said...

can't believe you pulled a Thornbirds reference.

I was Richard Chamberlain's personal assistant for one whole day and it was awful.

snobby fruit.

Maura said...

Ha. I forgot to tell you that my sister's wife's father is a former priest as well.

Oh! And my uncle was a monk.

jason said...

jesus christ, maura