Thursday, March 20, 2008

Odds & Ends

Until last night, I had not bought a pack of cigarettes all year. I smoked one last weekend, but it was the first I'd had in over a month. For some reason (read: beer), I really wanted one last night. I got off the train at Bryn Mawr a little after midnight and said to myself, "No. You are not going to buy cigarettes." And then I stepped out of the station and discovered a wad of bills on the ground. The street was completely deserted and silent (of COURSE I looked around), and I picked them up. Eight dollars! I felt like it was a sign. I went right into Walgreens and bought a pack of Parliament lights. And I smoked one and immediately regretted it. It wasn't even enjoyable! So I do not resent my desire to quit, and I think that'll be the last cigarette I have for a long time. Unfortunately, I now have nineteen more to get rid of. Any takers?

The Ice Storm is now on Criterion Collection. What a brilliant way to talk about how it's the first day of Spring and Chicago is expecting six inches of snow tonight! Hurrah!

I already own The Ice Storm on VHS and DVD, but it's Criterion! And one of my favorites! (I have a problem.)

Finally, if you apply for an internship at Megan's company, she will make fun of you and then lock you in the stairwell:

Megan: also, we're testing the intern (the one i didn't like) for a full time job
Megan: oh i told you that
Megan: i'm grading his test now
me: wait, the hot guy?
Megan: yeah
me: you don't like him?
Megan: hottish. hot in a short, jewish way. he looked much hotter in his facebook pictures
Megan: no, he made me very uncomfortable
me: hahaha
Megan: and i locked him in the stairwell four times accidentally. he probably holds it against me
me: FOUR times?
Megan: yes
Megan: well he kept coming up the stairs in the morning, but the doors are all locked
Megan: and he'd leave a message on my office phone
Megan: but i don't check my messages ever!
Megan: so, he would be in there until i realized he was missing
Megan: it took 20 minutes once
me: jesus, megan.

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