Monday, March 10, 2008

Take a walk through the garden.

Last night's series finale of The Wire was, as I expected, one of the best endings to a television series I have ever seen. In an effort to not give anything away, for I still have hopes that the people I know who have been reading this blog will eventually heed my advice that they need to watch this show will actually do so. (Mark put it really well: "I suppose its like saying, 'What? You haven’t read War and Peace yet??' Yes, watching all five seasons of The Wire seems rather daunting, but then again, its not like you have to fucking read War and Peace.")

I'm not going to write much about it anymore, as I don't think I have the time or the space here to really dig very deep into the series. But I think it must be said that it was an extremely satisfying experience to dive into the live of Baltimore residents for the past few months. It was pretty insane how much I devoured since I started season one last August, and I'm pretty amazed that I was able to catch up in time for the ending last night. I'm especially surprised that I didn't tear up, although during the last thirty minutes, I had the feeling I might.

Behold again, Wire fans, one of the best six minutes of television:


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, but I watched some of the wire last night and it was absolutely annoying. Bad acting and recycled plotlines do not make for great tv Tyler! oh, I forgot you watch Kid nation. I should've known.

Broady said...

I agree w/ you on the finale-- excellent how they wrapped everything up. Still, the bloodthirsty bitch in me wanted to see Marlo get punished.