Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh, you old people keep me YOUNG!

Last night I went to see X at the Metro (by myself... JEALOUS?), and it was a very, very good show. While there may have been about thirty other people in their twenties there, it was still pretty goddamn amazing to see so many old, former-punks dancing around in their leather jackets. And turtle necks! I swear to God, Jerri Blank was there!

Before X came out, I was standing behind two older guys. One was wearing what I believe to have been a Champion sweatshirt. The other had a ponytail and male-pattern baldness. I got to overhear a ton of gems, like Bald Ponytail's theory that Material Issue's Jim Ellison killed himself because Paul Westerberg made fun of him at the Taste of Chicago in 1991. "CAN YOU IMAGINE YOUR IDOL MAKING FUN OF YOU?" he yelled. Before I went back to the bar to get another beer (MGD makes things like this much less uncomfortable), I heard him tell his friend that he saw XTC open for The Police at the Aragon. "That was back when you were afraid of general admission shows." WHA'?!

I really was compelled to turn to turn to one of my more mature concert-goers and ask how long they've been listening to X. "Really?" I'd shout. "I just got into them! They were on the soundtrack to Margot at the Wedding!" (Coincidentally, and much to my dismay, they did not play that song.)

Despite how goddamn young I felt, I still had a really good time. It made me start to think about how many bands I currently listen to will still be able to sound as great in thirty years, or even be around to set out on a tour. Also, will I still be going to shows when I'm that old? I sure hope so. One day I hope to make THE KIDS envious when I talk about seeing Of Montreal and Sufjan Stevens in a theater of three-hundred people in a small, Virginia town, or getting the chance to see Feist at Schuba's. GOD, those were the days.

Thax Douglas was, of course, in attendance, but I bet he was just ecstatic to be around people his own age for once.

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