Monday, March 24, 2008


Yesterday, after she cured her hangover by sleeping on my floor for two hours while I listened to the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar (happy Easter!), Christina mentioned that she spent an hour watching clips from Laugh-In on YouTube.

We both agree that the show was NUTS and would never be on television today, and again were sad that we didn't grow up watching stuff like that in the '60s. Then as we watched more clips from JCS (specifically this one), Christina turned to me and said, "Tyler, what makes us so attracted to this stuff? I mean, I've always loved this kind of thing."

I laughed and said, "And how lucky are we that we found each other?"

And then the both of us were temporarily sad that the idea of finding a mate who is as interested in weird shit like this is almost a pipe dream. I love Christina and all, but I think I'd love it more if I could find someone else who would want to spent an afternoon watching Match Game on DVD and sleep with me.

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