Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'll admit it: I'm probably a six.

When I got home from class, Christina (AKA "That's So Raven") alerted me to this anonymous comment that an apparent fan left on yesterday's post:

You already wrote about how horrible it is train people.
Maybe you do need more time to devote to blogging, eating, and living.
Do something interesting soon because we adore you. Don't become last week's blog.

I would be offended, but he/she adores me! And assumes others do as well! Thanks, Anonymous. I needed that.

In a non-related story, I had my writing class tonight, which is getting better since I found out I got a 97 on my exam and an A on my last paper. Also, The Guy Who Looks Like the Front-Half of a Satyr had another delightfully d-bag episode.

My professor teaches a section of the class in Naperville, and some girl in that class came to our section's meeting since she skipped the class last night. She had the misfortune of sitting in Satyr's seat, and when he walked in and sat down next to her he was obviously a little ill-at-ease. (And I've been called "slightly-autistic" twice this week.) When the two girls who normally sit next to the Satyr sat down and mentioned something about being "alright with change," Naperville girl said, "Oh, I'm sorry... Am I sitting in someone's seat? I can move..."

The Satyr said, "Yeeeeah. Do you mind?"

D-bag level: 11.

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not so raven said...

Stop bragging about how many Friggin A's you get! You still can't tell James Brolin from Gene Hackman.