Monday, October 23, 2006

Quick! I only have an hour to eat lunch, write a blog post, check MySpace, and read Gawker!

Today we got new temps in the office. A whopping eight new people. Which brings the temp total to nine. I think it's a little temp overload (new blog idea: Too Much Temp), but I'm just a service clerk and only do what I'm told.

The downside to new people in the office is that I usually have to train them to do my job, which sucks because I sit there while they do the work (you know how boring it is to watch other people play video games? multiply the boring factor by a thousand). I also give horrible directions and I feel that I can't appropriately teach anyone anything.

I'm also eating lunch at my desk today so I can actually fuck around online, since I don't get to do that during work since someone is shadowing my moves. I miss refreshing the Gawker homepage. It really hurts.

I was also going to use my time today to write the two papers that are due tomorrow. Whoops.


Anonymous said...

You already wrote about how horrible it is train people.
Maybe you do need more time to devote to blogging, eating, and living.
Do something interesting soon because we adore you. Don't become last week's blog.

That's so Raven said...