Friday, October 13, 2006

To Sir, with Love.

Last night in class Dr. Crazy announced that he had a Master's in Theatre from the University of Michigan, and then performed a dramatic reading of a scene from "The Bear." His idea of a "dramatic reading," however, involves reading a piece of a book aloud and inserting his own words to enhance the audience's experience. Because Faulkner was so fucking dumb, you know, leaving all of that shit out. Thanks, Crazy.

Then we watched a scene from the original film version of All the King's Men - "The scene that made Broderick Crawford famous," (which explains why I hear that name pop up all the time on the street. "Yo, did you see Broderick Crawford in that movie last night? That shit was tiiiite!") - because we can't read a book and not watch the film version. What are we, graduate students? After the movie, Dr. Crazy performed another "dramatic reading" of a Robert Penn Warren poem, stopping every three words to give us his analysis. I'm glad he did, though, because we surely can't explicate a poem. What are we, graduate students? Then we listened to a Peggy Lee song, which Crazy told us represented Jack Burden's (the protagonist of All the King's Men) life philosophy. And I'll admit: it really made me think.

And then we took the quiz. Usually Doc hands out the quiz and we write our answers on our own papers, then return everything back to him. Last night, however, he said to us, "Go ahead and keep the quiz questions. When you grow up and become teachers and teach this amazing book, you can use this quiz. You should thank me for the freebie."

Thank you. I'm totally writing something positive on your evaluation.


Inquiring mind said...

Enough of this crap, I want to know how having Kitty whiskers has changed your life!?

Tyler said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention how I woke up late this morning (of course) and I still have some Sharpie on my face.

Broady said...

"Because Faulkner was so fucking dumb, you know, leaving all of that shit out. Thanks, Crazy."

That is some funny shit. What an arrogant ass!