Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Response paper assignment number six.

True story.

Robert Louis Stevenson's essay "On Marriage" offers a rather idiosyncratic, and some would say pessimistic, view of marriage. In a well-organized counter-essay, challenge two or three points he makes about marriage and try to persuade him to reconsider your position. Address him as "Mr. Stevenson" and "you" throughout your essay, and make sure you include at least some first-person usage when you argue your view of marriage. This assignment does not require you to offer a defense or statement of support for marriage but rather to present an opposing viewpoint of the institution of matrimony.

I'm in the dumbest grad school ever.


bex said...

i just like that they still need to remind you that your essays should be well organized

Anonymous said...

So you can't call him a "Hoe" or a "Skank"? What's the fun in that?

Anonymous said...

You think your grad school is dumb? Imagine some of the people back here in W&L trying to write something like that.