Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'll try my best to pass for Stupid.

I'm hoping that the box of Thin Mints I'm having for breakfast this morning will cancel out the miserable hell that is the weather outside right now. It's the middle of April and it's snowing really hard and FUCK YOU, CHICAGO because that's not right. I'm in a good mood, surprisingly, because I got a good amount of sleep last night (a two hour nap and then seven hours of Nyquil-induced heaven) and I'm still pretty pleased with myself for asking Adam (repeatedly, mind you) what the 411 with this snow was. (Get it? April 11th? 4/11? HA HA HA!!)

On an unrelated note, I only had one dream last night which I can remember, and it involved me being at home and my mother convincing me to allow her to throw me a birthday party. Since none of my college friends were willing to drive to Montross, my mom pulled out my high school yearbook and invited only people I graduated with. Which, obvs., made for a very awkward party. And it became more awkward when people I didn't like started showing up, and I had to explain to my mom that I hated these people. My mother then told them to leave - politely, of course - by explaining to them how I really felt about them. I was pretty embarrassed about this, so I locked myself in my room while the rest of my former classmates partied in my basement. I blame Kristel for this dream because she called me on Monday night asking if I planned on going to our ten-year reunion that is still unplanned and four years away. She tried to persuade me when I matter-of-factly said, "Absolutely not!" I then listed off the names of people we graduated with, and she changed her mind. Fuck all y'all, Class of 2001!

Also, my manager sent out the staff performance appraisal forms that we have to fill out in a week. She told me that I cannot just check "exceeds expectations" for each category of my job description, even though I CLEARLY DO. I plan on slacking off for the rest of the day, even though we actually have work to do today, so that I can feel less guilty about lying on my appraisal about being slightly retarded enough to just meet expectations.

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