Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well, I'm sure she appreciated the thought.

My mother called me the other night and, after a lull in the conversation (we'd run out of familial gossip to chat about, I guess), she said, "So, have you been calling in every week and voting for Sanjaya?"

"Uhm, no. I don't follow American Idol." This is not necessarily true, since I did see a few episodes while Nicole was still here, and I occasionally read Idolator's posts about the whole Sanjaya debacle, which I find incredibly funny.

Anyway, I said something like, "Only stupid people vote for American Idol," to which my mother replied, "Oh, come on. I tried voting for Carrie Underwood once when I thought she was going to get kicked off, but I couldn't get through."


Anna said...

My grandmother watches the show and actually refers to him as "Vagina".

nicole said...

See what you miss when I'm gone!