Monday, April 02, 2007

If only Bob Seger sang with the Muppets...

Because I love destroying my body for the sake of fun, I spent the entire weekend feeling either drunk or hungover. Oh, and hungry, because when I was hungover I spent twelve hours in my bed watching YouTube videos (I'll come back to that). And because I didn't particularly eat a lot this weekend, I got even drunker than usual.

On Friday night, I managed to get an extra ticket to Neko Case for Julia. I was really excited because the show was great. We were really close up front - so close I had a great view of Neko's unshaven legs. Afterward, I met up with coworker Adam and Company at some divey-as-balls bar on Lincoln and drank a lot of Old Style and smoked a lot of cigarettes until I got so sleepy I considered clearing off a space on the bar to take a nap. Figuring that would be a bad idea, I instead walked a mile home. Makes sense!

After laying around all day on Saturday, I ate some Chipotle and thought, "Hey, why NOT drink a lot of gin tonight?" I went out with Eric and Julia for Eric's friend's birthday celebration, and then I met new friend / name doppelgänger John Tyler. And then I had one of my fun little "spells" where I get all hot and sweaty and then pass out. (Remember?) Luckily, I revived myself really quickly and wasn't too embarrassed because the people near me seemed more concerned that I landed on cigarette butts, rather than thinking I was too drunk or was about to go into a diabetic shock. Clearly, passing out should replace quoting Steel Magnolias and coming up with lewd phrases ("cunt hands," anyone?) as my new party trick.

OK, now back to the YouTubes. About a week ago I bought this shirt at a vintage store. It's navy blue with a big key in front of a city backdrop. At the top it says, "Promises, Promises," so it's clearly a t-shirt from the Burt Bacharach musical of the same name. My only frame of reference about the musical was that the horrible, horrible song "Turkey Lurkey," which is in a scene from Camp, is from the show, but upon researching the show (on Wikipedia), I learned that it's actually a musical version of The Apartment (hence the huge, phallic key). It's the gayest shirt ever. Anyway, here's a video of Seth Rudetsky discussing the song at Obsessed with Julie and Jackie:

Also, on Friday night Adam played "Night Moves" on the jukebox for me, solidifying our BFF-status. Then Alissa and I discussed the awesome video starring Matt LeBlanc and an actress from Melrose Place; we couldn't remember which one, but we knew it wasn't Heather Locklear or Courtney Thorne-Smith. I found the video. It's DAPHNE ZUNIGA!

And, for no particular reason, I started searching for videos from The Muppet Show, and I think this is the best one I found. Drug-induced puppet dramatizations of Nilssen songs clearly win every time:

What? You'd rather see Leo Sayer sing "When I Need You" while being attacked by bears? Fine.