Friday, April 27, 2007

Look out, Aunt Jackie!

Four years of hard work has finally paid off. My roommate / BFF, Christina "WHY DON'T I HAVE A BOYFRIEND?!" Boucher (by the way, I've been taking it easy on her lately - it's time to start pressuring her into finding a man again because I'd eventually like to live alone), has invited me to the Steppenwolf Cotillion, finally making this friendship WORTH all of the trouble it's put me through. Trust me guys: there have been a lot of nights where I'll be half-asleep and will be woken up my clawing and pounding at my door because C"WDIHAB"B is drizzunk and wants to chat, only to eventually flop around on my floor while I tell her to get out. FINALLY I'm getting something back.

When she first told me about this cotillion thing, I assumed she meant the GALA, which is black-tie and celebrity-heavy. I got super excited about not eating caviar and following Joan Allen around a tent for a few hours. That's my kind of party! But then she told me that the cotillion is like prom for the STAFF members, who aren't invited to the gala, and I was a little disappointed. Then she said that the cotillion is more fun because everyone dresses real slutty (well, the gals, I assume) and there's an open bar. She said that some people walk over from the gala because that's boring because it's all formal and the mayor is there, so maybe I'll get to meet Laurie Metcalf after all? Ding ding ding! I'm interested!

I'm really excited about this. This is going to be much more fun than prom because I probably won't hate most of the people there and I can get drunk as hell. (I guess "a prom where you get really drunk" is more like a sorority formal, but I wasn't invited to one of those, and this is going to be so much better because it's going to be more DRAMA (theatre! ha!) and less bitchy.) Also, I'm hoping to make out. It'll be just like MACRoCk, except that I'm not going to make any goals. (At MACRoCk I decided that I was going to make out with three strangers, but I ended up making out with three girls I KNEW.)

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