Friday, April 06, 2007

Welcome to the world of the emotionally mature, Troy Dyer.

Two things:

I ate Chinese food tonight, and not like, "I ate Chinese food with my parents when they went to Hunan's in Colonial Beach," (Side note: I remember people in my tenth grade art class insisting that they always saw dead cats behind Hunan's. People, if you're going to stereotype a whole race of human beings, at least don't be idiots about it. If you're going to say that Chinese people EAT cats, WHY would you find the dead cats in the dumpsters? Wouldn't they have been EATEN?) which was really something like, "I ate dry ramen noodles while my parents ate egg rolls." No; tonight Christina and I went to get real Chinese food and I ate it. With chopsticks and everything.

Unfortunately it wasn't that great (even Christina said so, it's not just my biased American cuisine palette speaking), but still. I had lemon chicken and rice and broccoli and it wasn't force-fed to me. I was pretty proud of myself, and I like it when I can get personal satisfaction out of something small like trying ethnic food for myself and not for someone else.

Also, my fortune cookie fortune told me I was both strong and sensitive. Obvs.

Speaking of sensitive (segue! segue!), I made a break-up mix today. And I know how lame that is and how it's lamer to talk about it on your blog for Christ's sake, but still. It's a good one. And the reason I do this kind of stuff is because I don't have a heart. Instead, I have an iPod. So I'm going to do all of you a favor and give you the track listing. And you know, if you wanted, you could download each song and then arrange them in this particular order and listen to it and think about my personal romantic disappointment. You can even make a cute little case for it. Be creative!

1. Sabina Sciubba. Forty Shades of Blue.
2. Marianne Faithfull. The Mystery of Love.
3. Bright Eyes (du-u-uh). The Calendar Hung Itself.
4. The Magnetic Fields. All My Little Words.
5. Bob Dylan. Idiot Wind.
6. Neko Case. Set Out Running.
7. Magnolia Electric Co. Memphis Moon.
8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. People Ain't No Good.
9. Cat Power. Who Knows Where the Time Goes.
10. Bonnie "Prince" Billy. I See a Darkness.
11. Johnny Thunders. You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory.
12. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. And I'm Aching.
13. Liz Phair. If I Ever Pay You Back.
14. Feist. Let It Die.
15. Tori Amos. Northern Lad.
16. Songs: Ohia. Just Be Simple.
17. Blur. Battery In Your Leg.

I'm calling this one "Mix CD, Not Sent." Matt once told me that the phrase "mix CDs not sent" was probably the most emo thing you could possibly say, and I agree.


Christina said...

You forgot, "You Don't Fit Into My Urban Image" by Louis Vuitton and the east coast Jagoffs!

Tyler said...

That's my favorite ska band!!