Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday afternoon YouTube finds.

I bought the Nick Cave double live album / DVD today at Reckless, which was, yes, a stupid purchase, not because it's not awesome, but because I could have used that money for, like, four or five gin and tonics. Anyway, had I not bought it and watched the first DVD today, I probably would have not just spent twenty minutes watching Nick Cave videos on YouTube. Lucky for me, I did, and I found this really great video of him singing "Henry Lee" with PJ Harvey from the Murder Ballads album. It's pretty goddamn wonderful, because I love this song and I love PJ Harvey (I'm so strangely attracted to her; I think she's hot as hell), and I think two two of them together are incredibly sexy.

For the record, I think this video is sexy in the same way I think Sid and Nancy is romantic.

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