Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I can't think of a clever title for this one.

I've got three things to say:

First: It's SO HOT in Chicago right now. I don't have air conditioning, so I spent last night sweating in my apartment. I'd stay in Katy and Justin's place all week if I didn't have to clean in preparation for Megan and Kelly's visit this weekend. Also, I need to start packing, since we're moving next Saturday and I'm 100% unprepared.

Second: I finished The Secret History, which was very, very good. It's kind of a literary version of The Rules of Attraction (Donna Tartt and Bret Easton Ellis went to Bennington College together, and both novels take place at a fictionalized version of their alma mater) and features a group of morally corrupt, pretentious group of Classics students who are involved in two murders. It was a little long, but very well written and entertaining. Tartt has a gift for social satire, focusing on the posh, privileged students who are so caught up within their little collegiate bubble and have little interest in anything but themselves. Recommended!

Third: I found out this morning that Magnolia Electric Co., whom I recently decided is my favorite band, is releasing a box set with four new albums and a DVD. I'm incredibly excited about this, especially when I read that Andrew Bird is a guest musician on one of the albums. And they're playing the Empty Bottle next month! Yay! I've been watching YouTube videos this morning, and here are two of Jason Molina performing two of my favorite Magnolia Electric Co. / Songs: Ohia songs.

"Hard to Love a Man"

"Just Be Simple"


Anonymous said...

i just finished reading 'the little friend', also by donna tartt, and it was GREAT. 'the secret history' is next on my list. have fun sweating!

Broady said...

Luuuurved 'The Secret History"'

'The Secret Friend' was very good, as well, but she seems to lose some of her pacing in that one. I mean, the opening chapter is about as good as it gets, the little heroine kicks ass, but it also could have been edited down a bit. However, it would be a great summer read: takes place in a sweltering Mississippi summer.

I wish Donna Tartt would produce some more books... she's batting about 1 a decade.