Wednesday, July 11, 2007

There are no seamless transitions here.

Last night I was watching The Devil Wears Prada on HBO. My rationale behind it was "because it was on," which is why last week I watched Rumor Has It and Big Mama's House 2. (We're not going to have cable in the new apartment, so I might as well live it up.) It was the second time I saw the movie (I blogged about it before), but I have some thoughts about it after a repeated viewing.

First of all, Anne Hathaway's friends are losers and she should not have felt bad about ditching them for a shitty, yet ultimately rewarding, job. Her boyfriend was a CHEF and ADRIAN GRENIER. And then she had one black friend (the black woman from Rent) and one gay friend. Her obvious social ineptitude, of course, is just one clue that "Andy," the small-town Midwestern girl with a boy's name who has the audacity to think she's special enough to make it in Manhattan by not playing the game like everyone else, is an incredibly disposable character. I would have rather seen anyone other than Anne Hathaway as the lead but, now that I recognize that the character is basically unlikable in the first place, it makes sense that she's there.

My favorite part of the movie has to be when Anne Hathaway goes to pick up some pictures from a photo shoot. In the scene there are about six or seven models wearing animal print and plastic animal masks. And she gets all excited and says, "Oh, I get it! I get it! It's called 'Urban Jungle!'" How the hell did this bitch get into Northwestern? Congratulations, "Andy;" you've figured out juxtaposition. We'll get to "dichotomy" later.

And what, exactly, is the appeal of Anne Hathaway? I can't imagine who would find her attractive. Julie Klausner put it best in this video: "[She] looks like someone Xeroxed a face onto a head that was too small for it." It makes sense, then, that the two men who are attracted to her are the previously mentioned Adrian Grenier (huge Jewfro, stupid face) and Simon Baker, who looks like he's ready to date-rape at any moment.

I got ahead of myself, honestly, because I was really going to relate a brief exchange that Christina and I had while watching the movie, but it's one of those things where it's probably not funny to anyone other than me and Christina. (But hey, I didn't really have anything to say today, so eh.) Christina and I were agreeing on how dumb the movie basically is, despite Meryl Streep desperately trying to save it by acting circles around everyone else. When Simon Baker came on screen, probably somewhere near the scene where Anne Hathaway has to get he seventh Harry Potter book for Meryl Streep's daughters (sidenote: another reason why the dumb bitch was an idiot. You quit your job after working that hard? You were REWARDED with a trip to France, but Miss I-was-the-editor-of-the-Northwestern-newspaper thinks she's better than the woman who RUNS VOGUE RUNWAY?), I said, "I hate him, too," meaning in addition to everyone else in this movie. Christina's eyes got really big and said, "Did you just say that out loud? I just thought, 'I hate him,' but I didn't say it." I had to crush her and say, no, we haven't gotten to the point where I'm reading your thoughts; it's just save to say that anyone I associate with would have a rational hatred for this guy.

All hopes for BFF ESP were dashed, unfortch, when Christina locked herself out of the apartment last night and had to sleep in the hallway like a common homeless person when I slept through her calling my phone and banging on our door.

But I'm sure she did it with more class than Anne Hathaway would. (Full circle! Right, guys?)

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B.E. Méndez said...

There are a lot of (really rich) idiots at Northwestern.