Friday, July 06, 2007

Movin' on up.

I'm moving out of my apartment building in two weeks, so I feel like it's pretty safe for me to write about how it's a really weird place to live. Granted, I picked this place because I was lazy, it was cheap as hell, and the leasing agency did not require a security deposit. I can't really complain so much, I suppose, since it's been a generally fine place to live, even if the bitches next door scream really loudly at the end of every episode of America's Next Top Model.

The thing about the building is that it kind of resembles the Overlook Hotel, so much so that every time I get off the elevator and turn the corner to head down the hall to my apartment, I expect to find this:

The building is also filled with other people like me: young, post-graduates who get drunk a lot. Unfortunately, these are the kind of douchey post-graduates who think they can get by with saying they live in Lincoln Park simply because our landlords use the park in their company's name. We're not in Lincoln Park, however, since we're just north of Diversey Boulevard (which, if you're not familiar with Chicago neighborhoods, is the border between the fake-Bourgeois Lincoln Park and the fake-fake-Bourgeois Lakeview).

Because everyone in the building (save for the French-American couple with the toddler) is so young, my building is also kind of like a dorm. Especially since one of my neighbors started a Facebook group, which I joined as a joke (with myself, of course). I'm not exactly sure what the motivation for the group was - probably just an excuse for Some Dude to be a member of another Facebook group - but it's pretty ridiculous, especially since nearly everyone in it have private profiles, thus restricting my stalking abilities of the people I don't particularly want to be friends with anyway. Also, there is the wall:

I miss those kids already.


Jenny said...

oooh. kevin is hot.

hook it up.


Jason said...

i'm still convinced that everyone that moves to chicago in their 20's has lived in that building at some point (or within .2 miles of it) as I've also lived there. I'm also convinced that some people that live there have always lived there.