Monday, July 02, 2007

Joo-ly! Sumratime!

I'm too exhausted to not write random things this morning.

1. I've been in really great spirits lately, and I credit all of the dancing I've been doing as the cause. It reminds me the second semester of junior year when I went out every single weekend to dance parties and how happy I was. I also got Dean's List that semester. Dancing makes you smart.

2. My BFF from high school, Heather, moved here on Saturday and I'm super duper excited. She's living a block from my new apt! And she's already been up for going out, which is great! Last night she and her roommate met me and friends John and Leah at Smartbar. It was empty and we were the only people dancing, but it was still tons of fun. And it was nice to be able to go out knowing that I won't have to run into people I'd rather avoid seeing.

3. I'm getting more and more excited about Pitchfork, even if Cat Power and Girl Talk overlap (it's going to be a tough decision). I've been listening to Daydream Nation and it's growing on me, and I'm working on Spiderland. And I still don't care about Yoko Ono, even if it's a given that Chan Marshall will sing with her. If John Lennon showed up, I might be interested.

4. My Day-Day's birthday was on Saturday (57!) and my mom got him an iPod shuffle, which makes no sense at all. They've already called me once because they didn't understand how to load music on it.

5. I watched West Side Story over the weekend. I rented it years ago but only made it through the first five minutes before deciding that ballet-dancing gang warfare was NOT cool. It turns out that if you make it through the first sequence, it's actually really good. It's so well-made and so 1960s. I wasn't even offended that Natalie Wood was in Hispanic-face. It did bother me, however, that three different people sang as Anita.

6. I'm kind of obsessed with this video right now:

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