Monday, July 16, 2007


Aaaaah, I had a fantastic weekend! It doesn't even completely suck to be at work today, especially since there are only four other people who bothered to show up. Since I've got a lot of unsupervised time on my hands, I'll do a quick recap of the weekend's festivities.

I had much more fun this year than last since the weather was amazing. I learned the hard way last year that if you don't bring a blanket and try to get close to the stages for the bands you care about, you're going to be miserable. This year, Megan, Kelly, and I sat in the corner near the Connector stage in what Adam dubbed "Lazytown," and let me tell you, once I settled there, I didn't want to leave. In fact, the only shows I stood up for were Sonic Youth (amazing), Cat Power (good, but the sound was terrible), and Iron & Wine (quiet and hot, so I only stood for four songs). I was much more into playing dominoes in the shade while listening to music. The highlights were New Pornographers (Kathryn Calder's voice was so good, much better than when I saw her with the band last year), The Sea & Cake, Junior Boys, Battles, Jamie Lidell, and Of Montreal (who I've now seen four times, which is the most I've seen any band play - although Megan has seen them eleven times). Malkmus was okay, and though I'm still not a fan, I was excited when he played "Spit on a Stranger." And I think I had the same reaction as everyone else to Yoko. Don't get me started.

I also spent a ton of money on posters (I got a gorgeous Andrew Bird one, though, so I feel like it was worth it). I also got a ReadyMade subscription for five dollars, which is terrific, since I need another magazine I don't read (I'll add it to the pile of Smithsonian and Vanity Fair). And, hey! I was surprised at the lack of ridiculous fashion choices this year! I feel like people actually dressed for comfort rather than style, and there wasn't an overwhelming amount of a certain fad (like last year's collection of American Apparel '70s gym clothes). I feel like the major accessory this year was a BABY. Good lord, there were a lot of indie rock babies hanging out at Pitchfork. I also noticed a lot of Deep Vs, which still kind of gross me out, and some unfortunate tattoos.

We had a lot of fun going out after Pitchfork. On Friday we met up with Kristin, Tony, John, and Leah at the Empty Bottle for Gravy Train!!!!, which was probably the most amazing live show I've ever seen. It was a mix of Le Tigre, Scissor Sisters, and the dialogue from a John Waters movie. And there was on-stage nudity. And thennnn there was Saturday night, when a bunch of us when to Debonair for two hours of free Colt 45, which didn't even sound like a good idea at the time. To make a long story short: I had four tallboys of Colt in two hours, and projectile vomiting in the cab ensued. Oh, dear. I had fun before leaving the bar, though, and finally! got to meet Jenny after nearly two years of reading her blog.

And that's that. Now I have an absolutely insane week ahead of me: Dollar burgs at Big Chicks and (possibly) Chances tonight, Mirah tomorrow, and The Decemberists on Wednesday. And thennnn I get to spend the rest of the week preparing for the big move to Edgewater on Saturday! Gah!

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Garin said...

I also thought Pfork was great! I completely agree with you. Although I missed out on the Colt 45 and got caught in the death trap of the Dan Deacon/Girl Talk show. Was worth the bruises I now have from being kicked by crowd surfers.

nomadic gnome said...

Jealous. I totally wanted to go to this festival. I even had a big pitchfork I was going to carry around with me. Hell, I could've even stole a baby for the occasion.

I'll just have to hold out for the Floyd Fest in a few weeks.

Chris said...

Hey, if you need a hand moving, let me know. I'm a veritable tower of power.