Monday, July 23, 2007

This will be brief, and scatter-brained.

I'm almost completely moved into my new apartment.

I'm refusing to paint my room back to off-white because nothing in my lease says I have to.

Last night I ordered Domino's and unpacked just enough to find my corkscrew and one plate for my pizza.

I drove the U-Haul because Christina refused to. I managed to get that goddamn truck stuck three times.

I will never rent a U-Haul again.

On Friday night Christina and I went for our last meal in Lakeview* and realized that we are totes happy about the decision to move out of the neighborhood. Seriously, every single person we encountered pissed me off in some way. And then, that night, there was a party on the sixth floor of our building that got out of hand, resulting in a riot of sorts and this broken window in the lobby:

I think it was a good time to move out.

I really love our apartment, by the way. We have so much room we don't know what to do with it.

We don't have a dishwasher, though.

Grinderman is playing at the Metro this week but no one will want to go and I don't think I'm up for going to the fucking Metro alone. I did just buy a ticket to the New Pornographers show in October because I have insider information that Neko will be touring with them. And if that information is wrong, then friendship terminated.

I have to buy a thousand things at Target tonight. And then go to Dollar Burgs at Big Chicks. Yum.


BG5000 said...

You encountered us that night, Ty Ty. Is our mere presence enough to piss you off? I hope so.

Tyler said...

Living in your neighborhood will be reason enough to move to the South Side next July.

Jason said...

i saw Neko Case at Pitchfork festival. she must have been trying to determine if they put on a good enough live show to tour with them