Monday, July 02, 2007

I want to be an astronaut.

Because I've been feeling tops lately, and because I'm out of ideas, the job search is rather stagnant right now. That does not mean, however, that my current job has been less ass-rapey. In fact, we have a ton of work to do right now as we are receiving loads of final high school transcripts for all the incoming freshmen and we're a few days behind. And it's not helping that I'm spending hours on YouTube. But honestly, I realized that there's absolutely no reason for me to put forth any more effort than I have to, because after that whole Vincentian mission of giving education to everyone, etc., there's an unwritten rule that we do that by keeping the bar pretty low. I'm not just saying this based on my office, which is abysmal and poorly managed. I'm also talking about the other administrative offices I've dealt with. And even the students. And the faculty.

But, I'm a hypocrite because if they paid me more, I'd look past all of that. I'm incredibly ready to sell out. But, frankly, my forty nine cent raise did not exactly blow my mind.

Also, I realize that I won't find a job with such a relaxed attitude. Such is the benefits of working with high school graduates. If I don't have the energy to put on socks and shoes in the morning, no one is going to bitch at me for wearing flip-flops.

This morning my boss / "King of the Remote"* stopped by my cubicle. He asked me how things at home were, and I gave him the updates about my dad. Then he asked how the job search was going, and I told him, "Eh, it's not really." I talked about the jobs HERE that I had applied for / did not get, and he asked, again, what my salary expectations were. I told him "around thirty thousand," because THAT'S SO MUCH MONEY TO ME, and he said, "Well, you should stick around. There'll be some exciting changes around here."

I'd be excited about the prospect if I wasn't led to believe that I'd have this exciting promotion already, like it was hinted back in March.

I should get back to my crossword now.

*I've been wanting to mention this for so long. The man has a picture frame that says "King of the Remote" and it still has the picture that came in the frame. It's of dolphins. And I think it's amazing.


BG5000 said...

Any job not at a Jewish community center that affords you so much time to play Mahjong can't be too "ass-rapey", now can it, Ty Ty?

Tyler said...

Dear Anonymous:

I've said it before, but I know who reads my blog. I know how people find my blog. I know what Google searches are most likely to bring this up. Yes, if you search my name, it'll come up, but, then again, NO ONE has found it from Googling that.

And, just to remind you, you're not anonymous, either. The same information that tells me who finds this site by searching for my name in Google also tells me that you're reading my blog from a domain owned by Dedicated Central dot com / SouthWeb Ventures in Austin, Texas. I know your IP address, too. Cheers!

Katy said...

I seriously doubt anyone who might hire you is going to spend the endless hours reading your blog, which mostly consists of dance videos and stories about how Adam makes fun of you, to find that you drink. Mr. Austin Texas obviously does have that time though and will not be hiring you any time soon. OMG UR FIREDZ!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm at DPU (as you can tell, of course), and was considering applying for the MA Writing program. Please tell me there are some people/classes worth taking.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

If I was interviewing you and googled you and then this blog came up, I would totally hire you. Just my two cents.

B.E. Méndez said...

My supervisor this summer actually told me that there was a no blogging policy at the office. It was pretty funny, even though it killed a lot of potentially hilarious material for the blog.

Anonymous said...

"The BA in English might be the ultimate unemployable-20-something cliche"

I really hate hearing that. It frustrates me to no end.


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