Friday, April 07, 2006

Baseball season is going to keep me from dancing at Barleycorn's.

I received a letter yesterday about how much my summer is going to suck, beginning with this afternoon. I remember thinking the weekend of fake-St. Patrick's Day was bad, but this is going to be pretty difficult to deal with.

I never had any school spirit. I hated having to sit through pep rallies in high school because, honestly, I didn't care. It was easier to avoid having an opinion about JMU's football team for the first three years I was there because we sucked. Real hard. Then, of course, we won the national championships during my last year, and then people lost their shit over the stupid Duke Dog, which placed second in the Capital One Bowl's Mascot Challenge (ironically, we lost to the mascot of the team we beat at nationals). I thought it was pretty funny since everyone went cah-razy over the online vote. I was sitting in the library one night and I watched one guy sit at every single computer in the lab and voted for the Duke Dog. Uh, loser?

My proximity to Wrigley Field does not make me a Cubs fan. In fact, after interacting with plenty of them, I'm leaning towards disliking Cubs fans. But it's not a personal thing. I think it's mostly that I hate drunk twenty-somethings yelling at me and my friends as we walk by the Cubby Bear (voted "Best Neighhorhood Bar" by Maxim!!!!!). Since the numbers of drunk post-grads rises immensely during baseball season, I tend to be a little annoyed with the whole Cubs fanbase.

There's also the correlation between Cubs fans and Jimmy Buffett fans that bothers me, which was evident last fall when Jimmy Buffett played two concerts at Wrigley Field. Not only were bricks shat all over Wrigleyville, I could hear "Cheeseburger in Paradise" from my house. Not cool, y'all.

Meanwhile, Chicagoist reports on Wrigley's opening day.


Kristin said...

does this mean you're not going to the game with us in May?!

Steve said...

You BETTER go to that game, Tyler. Otherwise, I'll have to sit next to Dan or, even worse, (shudder) Kristin.