Thursday, April 27, 2006

I could do without your Roberta Flack.

Last year there was this freshman at JMU whose LiveJournal I discovered. At first I couldn't tell if I thought he was funny or an asshole. After reading for a few weeks, I decided he was, indeed, an asshole. I HATED him and his blog, yet I couldn't stop reading. It's kind of like how my dad couldn't stop watching the woman with the giant purple hair on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Or with me and Bill O'Reilly.

I'm admitting this because I understand (sort of) the mentality of the d-bags who leave anonymous comments on other people's blogs. I mean, I've done it. And I'm probably as big of an asshole as that JMU kid, who named names (full names) in his blog even though pretty much everyone in his department read it, as well as wrote stuff like, "I judge people by their handshakes like a Baptist minister outside of an abortion clinic." Well, maybe not as big of an asshole. And I'd like to think that I'm a better writer, too.

Okay, I'm still better than him. Whatever.

I admit that lately I have been too negative, and I wish I wasn't pissed off all the time and could deal with my peers' idiosyncracies. But I can't. I blame my mother (I told her this last night and she said, "Hey! I'm trying to be a nicer person, too! I've been doing really well lately!"), who would probaby just place blame on her mother. Aside from genetics, growing up with a bunch of kids who were unnecessarily mean to you for your entire elementary through high school education does leave one slightly bitter toward the majority of humanity. I'm trying to get over it, so please understand that I'm working hard here.

Now, having said that.

Yesterday afternoon, a co-worker tried to call me out on a mistake that I DIDN'T MAKE. Not only that, but he did it front of my boss, and it was completely unnecessary and inappropriate, and it took all the energy I had in my body not to say, "Well, what the fuck do you want me to do about it?!" After he walked away my boss looked confused, and I explained to her and she just kind of rolled her eyes. Luckily she likes me, and hasn't been joining in on the blame-the-temp game that the rest of the office has enjoyed playing so much this week.

I'm looking forward to the weekend.


Sara said...

I think I know what blog you're talking about based on the similies. I agree with your verdict on his personality. He's stopped writing it, though.

Boo said...

ahahaha oh tyler, he's worse in real life. The same horrible analogies forced into sentences just for the shock value. Its just tiring.

Also don't apologize for your blog, it's your right as an american to whine on the internet.

Lindsay said...

WHOA! Not-so-nice-guy Kevin. Is that name intended to be ironic?