Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I hate everything.

This afternoon I got an email from my manager, which was also sent out to everyone in the office, about "internet usage." Basically, we're not supposed to use the internet at work. This is news to me; I thought it was okay to be on the internet since no one told me not to, and also because everyone else uses the internet so blatantly.

From now on if our bosses or manager see us on the internet when we're "supposed to be working", we'll be written-up. I'm curious to know how one gets written-up in an office setting. What happens exactly? I was written-up once in middle school for talking in class, but nothing happened. I think if I had gotten one more write-up I would have gotten detention. Can they give me detention at work?

Since I'm on the computer all day long, and our whole system is based through the internet, I find this extremely ironic. I also think it's sad that this rule has to be placed on adults because they're all too lazy to actually get their shit done. This rule is going to make work suck one-hundred-percent more than it does now. Part of the reason I liked my job was because the office seemed so relaxed. Lately, however, after getting sassed by my manager for standing next to her while she was on the phone (another rule that I was told after the fact) and her annoyed attitude whenever I ask her for more work, I haven't enjoyed it so much. I know I'm not supposed to like it very much, but I'd appreciate not being treated like a nuisance because I get all of my work done. Hey, what do you think is going to happen now that I can't update my blog during the day? I'm going to get everything done much sooner, and I'll have to bother you more frequently. Brilliant.

Also, Apple STILL SUCKS. I called the store on Michigan Avenue to "set up an appointment" to drop off my computer to be repaired. I was told to do this by the technical support lady I talked to last night. When I called, however, the automated message told me that they do not make appointments over the phone. Seriously. What. the. fuck. So I go online and try to set up a time, and the system tells me that all of the "Mac geniuses" (that's what they are called, I'm not making this up) are too busy to help me. Finally I get pissed and call Apple back. This time, I get Kyle, who actually sounds like he can process a thought. I figure this out when his response to my computer's strange behavior is: "Oh wow, that's really weird. It shouldn't be doing that." THANK YOU. I'm glad someone can verify that I'm not the only one who thinks my computer shouldn't cut off at random.

I tell him to just send me a box so I could ship it back from home. Kyle then tells me to make sure to back-up my files. "Usually they'll just reinstall the operating system and do a clean sweep of the hard drive." I was afraid of this. Once my friend got her computer back from Apple and discovered that everything had been deleted, including all of the music she had compiled. "I just wanted them to fix my computer," she said, "not ruin my life." When I sounded weary about doing that, Kyle said, "Hey, try taking the battery out and just running it with the power cord in."

"Oh, I didn't know you could do that," I replied. "I guess that makes sense."

"Well, I've never done it on a Mac," Kyle said, "I'm not sure what will happen."

So I do that, and it works alright. Kyle and I agree that the battery is probably just effed up, which makes sense. Thank you, Kyle, for getting shit done. It always takes four tries to find a technical support person who has a brain.

So now I've got a huge hole in the bottom corner of my computer where the battery should be. I have to take it to the Apple store soon to see if I can get a new battery under warranty (since I've had the computer for eleven months now) instead of paying $130(!!!!) for a new one.

I just want one good thing to happen this week. It's already Tuesday and my week has gone to shit. Hey, I'll settle for breathing through both nostrils. That'd be nice.

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Lisa said...

Well, it is 39 cent hamburger day at McDonald's, and I'm pretty excited about that. Maybe it'll cheer you up a bit, too? It's no internet at work, but think of how many hamburgers you can buy for the cost of replacing your computer battery!