Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Carissa!

Today* is Carissa's birthday. Carissa was my only real English-major friend and, unfortunately, we only took one class together at JMU. We made up for it, however, by sitting next to each other in the library every morning not reading our required reading and instead watching people walk by and, yeah, occasionally making fun of them.

I love Carissa because she has no shame about walking up to strangers and asking them questions. She's a spunky little bulldog in a 23-year-old's body. If a man in a trashy Tidewater Virginia bar tries to hit on her, she'll work her magic and get herself a free drink and then somehow insult him without him even catching on. She's a smart one!

Next month Carissa is leaving us (US?) for Africa for two years. I still can't believe she's doing it, and I still can't picture her living in Africa. (Just look at how pale she is. Please, Carissa, get some SPF 80.) I'm so proud of her - she's the only one I know with the courage to go into the Peace Corps, and while most of my "politically active" friends sit around and complain about things, she's actually going to be doing a great service. Godspeed, you crazy ass!

*April Fools! Carissa's birthday was yesterday. (Did I forget that it was yesterday or deliberately plan this April Fool's prank**? Oh, you'll never know.)
**(It wasn't a very good prank.)

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