Thursday, May 03, 2007

An excerpt from a GChat conversation.

me: i have an interview on monday with an ad agency
[I send her a link to the company’s website.]
me: i don't know how i feel about it
Christina: is this shutterbugs? i don't get it
Christina: and their website reminds me of playing where in the world is carmen sandiago back in ‘97
me: i know
me: i'm kinda nervous
me: the guy was like, "if no one's at the front desk, just wait in the lobby. we usually have espn playing and stuff."
Christina: you are going to hate that interview
me: hahaha, i know.
Christina: good luck with the small talk
me: i better read the sports section of the red eye that morning
Christina: ahaha
Christina: cut it out and tape it to the inside of your sleeve
Christina: and then you can be like, "oh yeah can you believe the cardinals won. 4 -0."
Christina: "and also the yankees, won 8-3."
Christina: "wow."
me: that sounds like a terrible plan.
Christina: DO IT
Christina: well that sounds like a place where terrible plans are necessary
me: i just realized i should buy some axe body spray this weekend.


Christina said...

I don't like the idea that all of our intimate gchats could possibly be harvested for your blog. BUT...

Phoning it IN!?? We should have our OWN COMEDY ALBUM!!! Thanks for correcting all my blatant gramatical/spelling errors boo!

Garin said...

Shutterbugs is funny. I also love Human Giant.