Friday, May 04, 2007

You put me in the magic position.

I'm in a really great mood today. I woke up EARLY, shaved for the first time in over a week, fixed my hair all up, and wore real work clothes for my interview (which I'm going to at lunch, and hopefully no one will notice I'm gone for over an hour). I don't want to sound vain or anything (too late, right?), but when I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, I thought, "Man, I am CUTE today."

I think a Friday morning after an evening splitting a pitcher of Blue Moon is just what I needed this week.

After revisiting the website for the ad agency that called me yesterday (this time with SOUND, because I didn't realize that the website has music), I decided that there's no way I can fake my way through that interview, so I'm going to call today and tell "Jared" that I found a job. I also have my SEVENTH staffing agency interview on Monday, which is just down the street from my office.

And I'm SO EXCITED about this weekend. Burgs tonight at Adam and Alissa's, where I'll probably drink the leftover Corona Lights from last weekend because no one else, apparently, likes Corona Light. And then tomorrow I'm wearing a pink tie and getting drunk with theater people, which is pretty much my dream night.

Finally (I've got to wrap this shit up somehow!), I've literally listened to this song ten times this morning. I don't have it on my iPod so I've been replaying the video on YouTube. It's wonderful. The video's kinda dumb, but the dancing saves it.

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Broady said...

Fun song, but the video looks like it was directed by a Japanimation artist. Who claims responsibility for singing that song?

Nice makeover.