Monday, May 14, 2007

Just one more week of Rory Gilmore's butt-chin!

I've been having a very bi-polar day, where I've been feeling either anxiously great or anxiously shitty. Well, not exactly "shitty;" rather, just bummed. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the weather (it's beautiful outside, but also eighty-something degrees, which means I'll have to suck it up and take off my hoodie this afternoon when I go home, and it's way too early to deal with the arm issues in such a head-on way (I usually give in to the short-sleeves in July.)) or the fact that I've been watching the current (and last) season of Gilmore Girls online for the past three days at work, and it's very stressful because Rory's graduating from college and freaking out because she doesn't have a job and I'm like, "I know! It's so hard!" but then I think, "Hey, I've been out for TWO years. And I didn't go to Yale. Fuck you, Rory Gilmore. (But thanks for not marrying Logan. That only took THREE YEARS TO FIGURE OUT. Too bad Jess is on Heroes now.)" (Also, Gilmore Girls? Why has this season sucked? I know Amy Sherman-Palladino left the writing staff, but seriously, do you expect me to take this year's storyline seriously? So, it takes five years for Luke and Lorelai to start dating, and then Lorelai decides it's over one day and then SEVEN EPISODES LATER is married to Chris and then breaks that off after five episodes. And now we've got one left to see tomorrow night and I'm SURE Luke is going to ask Lorelai to go on his little boat trip because his daughter canceled RIGHT AFTER he made those hotel reservations (per Lorelai's suggestion - convenient!). Look, people: I like it when my TV shows don't seem like I already wrote them in my head. Let's have some surprises here, and ones that aren't the far-fetched ones that surprisingly come to fruition. Also, there is no way that Lane carried twins to full term. Have you met anyone who had twins?)

Uhm. I didn't mean to write a whole post about Gilmore Girls. I apologize. But also, let it be known that even though I'm watching it at work I'm not shirking all of my duties. I've actually been more productive than I've been in weeks, clearing out my queue of mail and blowing through the audits I've been assigned. (I wish I could add that to my resume somehow.)

Anyway, I've still been in a good mood because I had a pretty good weekend. Christina and I saw Hot Fuzz yesterday and it was funny, and we also looked at a great apartment in Edgewater (the application for which I have sitting on my desk right now). It's nice to know that you can find such a great space for a reasonable amount of money, and I'm kind of excited to move out of Lakeview, since I've lived there for two years and am kind of ready to explore another part of the city. Also, as Katy and Justin (new neighbors!) said, the benefit of moving farther north is that you'll always get a seat on the El in the morning.

I have my big, big interview tomorrow. I've started preparing by reading over the website very thoroughly. I feel like this is my big chance and I'm really excited about it, but surprisingly not nervous at all. I've been very optimistic and just assume I'm going to get the job. I've even thought that I should think of my good spirits as a possible jinx, but I don't. It's weird to suddenly feel like an optimist, but things have been going pretty well lately, so I'm just going with it. I must be owed back-Karma and am finally starting to get the checks in the mail.

Oh, and I bought a ticket to see Janeane Garofalo at the Lakeshore Theater, which is about three blocks away from my house. I'm so goddamn excited; I was quite obsessed with her 1997 HBO stand-up comedy special in high school and I feel like seeing her live will change my life all over again.

And ALSO: it's dollar burger night at Big Chicks. Srsly, it's like the best day.


Anonymous said...

ok, tyler... the girlmore girls rant: absolutely on the money. the loss of A S-P last year did the show in. do you think lane was really preggers, like real life lane? this has been an ongoing debate. ok, thanks for being 14 with me. like 4sure.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

What kind of job do you have where you can watch Gilmore Girls? Damn. Good luck with the interview.

matt said...

i can confirm that re: seats on the 'L' in the a.m.