Monday, May 07, 2007

It's a blurry-eyed Monday morning.

The interview at the staffing agency on Friday was pretty pointless, since the woman (dressed in jeans, by the way, and who also admitted that she just got into HR "after being in retail for five years") told me that I had no admin experience and had to go back to temping to find an entry-level position. As if the last year of my life was completely pointless? Also, when I said that temping again was scary because of the lack of insurance, she said, "Well, it's summer. No one gets sick in the summer!" Oh, I do hope she calls me back.

I have another interview today at an agency (number seven!) and later one at an insurance agency.

Luckily, Friday's run-in with HR bitchery did not put a damper on my weekend, which was so fantastic. On Friday night, Christina and I went to Adam and Alissa's for more burgers and beer. (I was a big fattie and had TWO burgers and THEN grilled chicken, which is pretty much enough protein to last me for the week, right?)

Saturday night was the big Steppenwolf Cotillion, and it was awesome. I drank a lot (a lot a lot), danced a lot, and saw a few celebrities actors that I recognize, including Jeff Perry (one of the founding ensemble members), Tracy Letts (who also wrote the play - and screenplay - Bug), and Jim True-Frost (when he walked in, Christina yell-whispered, "HE KNOWS MY NAME!"). I also made eye contact with Lois Smith, which was a hot moment. Also, Anne Frank was there, alive and dancing to Bobby Brown. (I texted Justin throughout the night, giving him updates, and he was glad Anne Frank was alive, but told me to tell her not to be too loud.)

I still feel hungover, but it's a nice one because despite my dehydration, etc., I know it was worth it.

This week is less busy, thankfully. I'm absolutely broke and have to make it through the week on peanut butter sandwiches and spaghetti. Maybe I'll get a job this week. That'd be nice.

In other news: If you haven't already noticed, I started a third (!) blog called Make-Out Party. It's music-related, meaning I'm just going to mostly post YouTube videos I like. But anyway, check it out.

Oh, and today marks my two year anniversary of being a Bachelor of Arts in English. To recap, in the last two years I have...
1. ...moved to Chicago.
2. ...been unemployed for five months.
3. ...sent out hundreds of resumes.
4. ...had seven different roommates.
5. ...written in five blogs.
6. ...overdrawn my account five times.
7. ...had one serious relationship.
8. ...made $12.37 an hour (which is, ironically, the most money I've ever made).
9. ...drank countless bottles of wine.
10. ...made many great new friends.


Kelly said...

Positive Tyler? I'm not sure I like this.

Garin said...

Wow. Your list pretty much mirrors mine except for the 5 blog thing. Oh, and the fact I've been homeless twice since living in Chicago.

Ben said...

Christ, has it really been two years?

For some reason that scares me.

David said...

time for some avenue q! this is basically the theme song to your blog.

Anonymous said...

oh tyler, william styron would be proud of your accomplishments. -melanie.