Friday, May 18, 2007

Falling to pieces.

My computer is broken. Literally.

I took the day off because I'm owed a comp day from working a Saturday back in the fall, so I'd been spending all morning in bed. Finally I was like, "Must. Get. Out. Of Bed." I walked to Argo, which is the preferred location for Spending All Day On My Computer In A Public Place When I Could Be Doing It At Home And Not Spending Five Dollars On A Small Cup Of Tea.

When I pulled my laptop out of my bag and opened it, I noticed that the bottom of the screen looked funny. I investigated, and realized that it's started to detach from the plastic casing.

This is the second physical ailment my computer is suffering from. When I took it to be repaired a month ago, they didn't attach the panel on the side (where the USB and Firewire ports are) all the way, and the plastic has now cracked.

I think I'm due for a trip to my favorite place.


gutenmegan said...

Tyler, I know I've been MIA lately due to my fabulous new roommate and work craziness but we really need to talk. I didn't understand Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at all. Not even with wikipedia as Cliff Notes.

Chris said...

I love Argo. P.S. I move to your town in T - two to three weeks. I realize that the T - equation isn't nearly as effective when it's a range and not a specific number of days, but you can expect a lot of inexactivity in the two to three weeks to come.