Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Whoop whoop.

I applied to sixteen jobs yesterday. One was for an HR assistant and the staffing agency that is working on it called me today. So I have an interview on Friday with another staffing agency. That brings the total number of staffing agency interviews to six. Yay?

Also, my "real" staffing agency called me today, asking if I was interested in a temp-to-hire underwriter / tech services position at an insurance company. Why, yes, Jennifer! It sounds like a dream come true.

I've only applied for three jobs today. I'm not very motivated today.

I've started to hate my job so much that I feel sick and miserable while I'm here, and feel fine, like, as soon as I step out of the building. I've really reached my limit.

In other news, I'm glad that Blogger finally came up with an easier way to customize the blog. I like the new look, even if Adam said it looks like I have the decapitated head of Erik Estrada. Duh, that's what I was going for.

Also, I watched some of Return to Oz last night for the first time (FINALLY, Katy and Justin), and I also watched an interview with Fairuza Balk. She's surprisingly not bat-shit crazy, although I still want to put a binding spell on her for good measure.


Jason said...

Return to Oz is my favorite movie ever!

Katy said...

Well what did you think of the Wheelers??

each of the two said...

love the new look.

p.s. ever consider hosting a "stash off"?

Laurie said...

Trent and I were at a bar in Charlottesville last month and there was a guy there whose laugh sounded exactly like the Wheeler's laugh. It was so creepy that we had to leave, because I am deathly afraid of wheelers. I was thinking of dressing Leroy up as one for Halloween. Whatja think?