Friday, May 11, 2007

On nicknames, and etc.

(Idea stolen, sort of, from J. Klaus. (I hope that one is okay!))

I'm pretty hesitant about people giving me nicknames until I've reached a certain level of intimacy with them. For example, in high school a girl I knew called me "Ty-Ty" and I hated it, but now I'm less freaked out about that one, but only if I actually like the person who is calling me that.

Anyway. Here's a list.

Names that I'll allow only people I really, really like to call me:

- Ty-Ty.
- Ty.
- Co-ah-tez.
- Professor Co-ah-tez.
- Tyco.

Names that people have tried calling me that I will never - ever - be okay with:

- John Tyler.
- John.
- Mr. C0ates.
- Coatesy.
- DQT (short for Dirty Q-Tip, given to me by my high school friend Eileen (EILEEN GRANT: GOOGLE YOURSELF) because I was tall, skinny, and have a q-tip shaped head and red hair).
- Little Bitch (my friend Jannette's sister called me this, which I eventually started using to taunt my little brother for an entire summer).

Basically, the moral of this post is that if you call me Coatesy, I'll cut you. And also, if you infer that I look like something you clean your ears with, I'll probably lose touch with you for years and then resort to relying on your possible ego and curiosity about what people are saying about you on the Internet.

In other news, the end of my week is going amazingly well. Awesome job interview on Tuesday and I really, really hope I get it / don't jinx it. Also, I've been watching at least six episodes of the last season of Gilmore Girls at work, and it's not as bad as I expected, although in the last episode I watched Rory throw a "2002" party for her friend's twenty-first birthday, and one of the songs from the playlist was "Video" by India.Arie, which is NOT from 2002, it's from 2001, and I know this because I bought that CD my senior year of high school. (Also, has ANYONE else noticed that Indie.Arie totally stole the musical arrangement from Akinyele's "Put It In Your Mouth"? IT'S THE SAME SONG.)

Finally, the Chicago Reader used one of my pictures on their website. And the truth comes out: Megan told me this morning that the idea of a cat reading Lolita makes her nervous because she can't get the whole "little girl / sex kitten" idea out of her head. She also admitted this morning that she can't pronounce "Anheuser Busch," so I think she has just a handful of issues.


BG5000 said...

What about Sweet William? Are you ok with that?

Tyler said...

No. I forgot.

Mrs. Glynis Coatez said...
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Mrs. Glynis Coatez said...

I do not believe that alter egos count as nicknames. I'm just saying.

gutenmegan said...

I said "An-hoos-er" out loud in my office today.

It's not quite as bad as the time I pronounced the grocery store name "Publix" as "Pube-lix." In the middle of my office.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Those two songs ARE the same! I'm glad someone else noticed that!

Great, now it's 1am, and I have "Put it in Your Mouth" stuck in my head... I should call you something inappropriate just for that! -Melanie.

Anonymous said...

Your picture got published! Way to go, Ty-Ty.

I guess I'll sign this anonymously now since I no longer have a name. I'm just "a girl you knew in high school." Jerk.

Tyler said...

I wasn't talking about you, Kristel. Ass.

Anonymous said...

I made up that nickname. I remember it clearly. Thank you very much. And you HATED it.

Stella said...

I surrender.