Friday, June 22, 2007

I need to take an angry nap.

My phone stopped working last night, which is great timing. The weekends are totally the best time to not have a phone, especially when last weekend I spent my days alone, reading at coffee shops because I had no one to make plans with.

I talked to my mother several times last night on AIM and on Christina's phone as we tried to settle the tricky business of buying me a new phone. Now, I don't particularly think it's very difficult to just get a phone, especially since I emailed her two weeks ago with the phone I'd like. Unfortunately, my mother thinks getting a free phone is kind of like buying a computer. She called and asked if I had checked the "specs" and they looked okay. She asked me this in 2007. Of course I didn't check the specs. I saw that it makes and receives calls, which my phone currently does not. It seems okay to me!!

Then she called and said, "Did you know this isn't a flip phone?" "Really?? I COULDN'T TELL. THANKS FOR CHECKING THAT FOR ME."

THEN she called again and said, "This phone doesn't have an antenna."

My mother is a SCIENTIST. She programs computers. Yet she lives in a world where AT&T would sell their customers phones that "don't have antennas."

She also decided that it was a great night to berate me for texting too much. It's very ironic that I can only communicate through text messages now, and my new phone won't come for another five days. What can you do?

ANYWAY, moving on. I'm exhausted this morning because I didn't get a lot of sleep and had crazy dreams which may be the result of watching the 1985 TV miniseries version of Alice in Wonderland, which I current have from Netflix. I'm tired, and I got to work an hour late, and I just want to go home and nap / die, but I can't because we have a shitload of work to do. And then I have a shitload of things to do this weekend. Tonight I'm going to see Stomp the Yard for free in Grant Park (drunk, natch) with Couch, which will most likely be awesome. And it's gay pride weekend, which means I'll be weaving through throngs of eight-foot-tall drag queens and armies of assless chaps on Sunday since the parade conveniently passes within a block from my house. I guess I'm going to go because, as Adam said earlier this week, you rarely get a chance to get drunk in the street. And I also decided that it'll be fun to see how many free condoms I can get. It's like when I was in college I'd see how many Gideon Bibles I could pick up in a day. It's a fun game. Really.

And I'll tell you what I'm definitely not doing this weekend: going to see Angelina Jolie's black-face movie. Fuck Jolie. I find it deliciously ironic, by the way, that she's going to star as Dagney Taggart in Atlas Shrugged. She's perfect for the role, and her political beliefs are the antithesis of Ayn Rand's, which proves that she's a goddamn retard.


erin said...

Tyler this is not directed at you but I figure this is a good a place as any to say this, instead of just screaming it in my head. Reading your post just prompted me to write this. Yesterday I was reading about Mariane Pearl and found that quite a few African Americans are pissed that she is being played by a white woman. Before I read that I never even though about that fact that she was in "brown face". It wasn't the issue at hand with this movie, nor should it be. So they tanned her up to make her look more like Mariane? Who gives a shit. Mariane is only a quarter Afro-Cuban. Why do we need a black woman to play her? Or a "high yellow woman"? Mariane already gets shit for not taking enough pride in her African heritage. What business is that of anyone elses? Shes half Dutch and I don't think they are giving her a hard time. Are people supposed to have more pride in their black halfs if they are biracial? If I am multiracial do I put more emphasis on my black 1/4 to get more street cred than what makes up the other 75% of me? Just because I look black? Mariane is friends with Angelina and she wanted her in the film. And the studio obviously wants a big box office draw, not to mention if more people see it, more people will be exposed to Mariane's message. And when it comes down to it sometimes these parts just go to the actresses who are better suited for them. How many biopics have you seen with with an actor who looks exactly like their character should, but does a horrible job, because they just dont have the right feel of the character? Or just bloody well can't act worth a damn. I wasted $10 dollars to see that horrible movie, but damn he sure looked just like him! I don't know why everyone hates Angelina Jolie. Because when she was younger she was wild and did some weird things? Adopts children from other countries? Is trying to help make the world a better place? How is any of that something to laugh about or hate. She is using her fame in a good way, to bring attention to problems and try to make a difference. Which is more than I can say for all of us. I'd say all the nay sayers are envious and jealous of her fame, money, and beauty (if you think she is anyway). And this is masking itself as scornful judgement. Why doesn't everyone turn their energy on someone who deserves it, like the men who decapitated Danny? If everyone just calmed down and tried to speak to one another , and was respectful and kind to eachother, instead of focusing rage and blind hatred on everyone, or making light of important issues, we would all probably feel a lot better. So fuck colors, we're all human. And we should treat eachother as such.

Tyler said...

I dislike her because her Marianne Pearl accent is too similar to her Alexander the Great's mother accent.