Monday, June 11, 2007

Odds and Ends.

There are only about six of us at work today and I don't really know why. For the first hour I thought perhaps today was a holiday and I came to work by accident, as I was the only one in the cold, dark, scary office. Then people slowly trickled in around nine, but still, there aren't many of us here. Both of my managers are out today, and so is Adam, so I have no one to talk to / annoy. I think I'll be leaving early today.

I have an interview tomorrow and my recruiter actually called me and PREPARED me for it. She told me how to answer questions and what I should ask. I didn't ask for this advice. It's weird to have someone actually be helpful.

I did not watch The Sopranos last night because I stopped caring about it six years ago. But the second season of Big Love starts tonight and I'm going to do my best to follow it every week, since I no longer have HBO OnDemand.

Also, the Tony Awards were last night, and Spring Awakening won Best Musical, which makes me want to vom. I've only seen this video from the show, but I think it pretty much sums up what happens when you let Duncan Sheik write a musical. This is what Jonathan Larson did to America. And yes, there IS a line that goes, "Looks so nasty in those khakis."

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