Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Drunk posts are 0% funny 100% of the time.

Five things:

1. Janeane Garofalo, WHO I SAW TONIGHT, said that if she could have "a shower suit," she would use it because she's at the point in her life where she'd prefer to never be naked. I think that's where I'll be, emotionally, in ten years.

2. I went to a bar on Halsted tonight and the jukebox played THUNDERCLAP NEWTON and T. REX.

3. I'm not that drunk, more tipsy that drunk. But I did immediately start playing "Night Moves" by Bob "BOB SEGER IS ROCK AND ROLL" Seger and the Silver Bullet Band on my iPod because OMG LOLZ that song is the best ever.

4. If I was a famous singer, I'd end every set - EVERY ONE - with "Night Moves."

5. I'm drunk enough that I'm updating my blog in my underwear. And for all of you ladies, and probably three dudez, who've been wonderin' (no G): it's BRIEFS (at least right now).



Jason said...

what does (No G) mean?


Jester said...

Good.. that's a mystery solved!

Of course this post is almost useless without photos.

B.E. said...

I'm with Janeane on the shower suit.

Stella said...

Seriously, did you lose your damn clothes again? WTF, Ty????